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                    -Poetry from the Poetry Activist-Relative to Obama-

I am willing to shoot videos for you for a modest price in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am also looking for collaborators who might be interested in creating a multi-producer channel for the internet and Smart TV enabled devices. If anybody is interested please contact me. This would be a literary/creativity version of a Revision 3 type of organization.

If you are an artist or writer who would like their art or images on almost any substrate. I can do this and match prices too. I can put images on T-shirts,mouse pads,tiles,bags, bandanas, and almost anything. This I usually do with a "Heat Transfer" technique with special printers and heat presses, but I can produce images of whatever you would like on ceramics with glaze toner fired and high temperature that last virtually forever. All image transfer is high quality and images last as long as the best transfers on the market.

I also spin pottery and paint. If you would like original art or high quality copies I can do that also.