Federal Men: Treasury Men in Action

Passport to Danger Starring Cesar Romero

Sherlock Holmes- Classic British TV Detective 

Mr. and Mrs. North: Family Detective Series

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Topper: Classic Serial Comedy about Two Ghosts

This is my Public Domain and Classic Movies and TV Page on the web site  Dailymotion. I probably won't always have all my videos here. You will have to go to http://dailymotion.com/thepoetryactivist to find all of them. There is also a fair collection of these movies on my youtube page.

To note. I will add a lot more over a few weeks, and much more over months and years at a slow pace

Bonanza: Classic TV- Cowboy Western

Sir Lancelot TV Series-Classic British TV= Chivalry

Ace Drummond: 13 chapters

Bulldog Drummond-Classic Detective TV- Serial

The Veil: with Boris Karloff: Series Thriller

Free Classic Crime, Detective & Film-Noir Movies

Man with a Camera Starring Charles Bronson

-John Rhodes - Public Domain- Classic Movies and TV-Opera TV Channel-also Poetry TV

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